Paint shop

Our paint shop mainly focuses on varnishing small and medium-sized parts. We varnish various metal, plastic and composite parts for the engineering, automotive and consumer industries. Our work is based on many years of experience with varnishing of industrial parts.

We provide surface treatment of parts by wett varnishing. This method meets the high demands placed on the appearance of parts. The advantages include an almost unlimited choice of colors and their shades. We usually base our choice on a RAL swatch, but we can mix different shades according to the customer’s wishes. We can also apply a surface treatment that mimics chrome. We use vacuum steaming with aluminum followed by varnishing. Varnishing can be transparent or colored (eg gold, copper). Using the wet varnishing method, we can also paint parts with complex shapes.

We are very flexible and offer paint shop services to our customers. If you are interested, send us an inquiry. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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