Design has been an essential part of button production since the start of production in Žirovnice more than 150 years ago. The special design characterizes the Žirovnice buttons even today. Designer Zdenka Kučerová received an education at school of applied arts and later has continued the family tradition and became a button designer in the second generation. Her family has been a part of the story of Žirovnice buttons since 1959.

Twice a year, Zdenka Kučerová creates an author’s collection in both women’s and men’s versions. Respect for traditions and reflections on current fashion trends are reflected in new button designs. For her design work finds the designer an inspiration in the outside world – in nature, in people and in the things that surround us.

The experience and talent of our designer are available to our customers. She can create an author’s button on request.

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